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Summer webinar: The organisation and the new normal

Thursday 8 July 2021
Zomerserie Webinars Leidinggeven in Online tijden
Online, via Zoom

Covid has turned our lives upside down. This has had a huge impact on our staff and teams as well as on how we work with others. Within a short space of time, we have made digital advances that have brought us ten years into the future. We have started meeting, brainstorming and networking remotely. A new form of collaboration, organisation and development creates room for innovation but also presents new challenges. How do you make sure people keep in touch with one another? And with the organisation? How do you deal with screen-time? 

In this session we will talk about the new normal. Our internal experts from PLNT will present new approaches and ways of working, which will help and your team decide how to organise the work. We will deal with questions such as: what will we keep from a year and a half of Covid? What do we want back from pre-Covid times? And what do we want to reinvent in the post-Covid era?

This series is offered free of charge to staff members of Leiden University and registration is not necessary. Feel free to join when it suits you.

To the webinar (Zoom)
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