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Annual LeidenGlobal Lecture

The Power of Religion and Human Rights: An interreligious dialogue from a global perspective

  • Prof. dr. Azza Karam (Keynote)
  • Prof. dr. Damian Pargas (moderator)
Thursday 8 July 2021
Online (Kaltura) by registration

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What is the impact of religion on a country's human rights and development? Does religion influence the implementation and enforcement of international humanitarian law? The need to rethink global relations to actively and systematically include religion in the development of a country is essential in today's world of political and social struggle. This lecture by Prof. dr. Azza Karam will address the connections, tensions and role of multi-religious realities. She will also discuss the challenges and opportunities of religion and human rights from an international perspective.


16:30     Welcome by Prof. Damian Pargas (Leiden University, Roosevelt Institute of American Studies)
16:35     Keynote speech by Prof. dr. Azza Karam*
17:15     Q&R (moderated by Prof. Damian Pargas
17:45     End

Prof. dr. Azza Karam* is Professor of Religion and Development at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She also served in different positions in the United Nations since 2004 and is currently also Secretary General Elect of Religions for Peace. Recently Prof.dr. Azza Karam received a Roosevelt Four Freedoms Award on behalf of Religions for Peace. Azza Karam is widely known for her expertise in religion and development. Her experience spans from human rights and multi-religious cooperation to gender and sustainable development.

Religions for Peace is devoted to building bridges between religious communities in order to increase mutual trust and reduce hostility in areas of conflict, and offer a platform for common action. The organisation received the Award for the Freedom of for the alliance‚Äôs determined commitment to promote peace and to speak up for those most in need. 

This Annual LeidenGlobal Lecture of 2021 is organised in collaboration with the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, the International Institute for Asian Studies, and Leiden University Faculty of Humanities. With special thanks to the organisation Religions for Peace.

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