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Sixth annual Science Day for Physics master students

Tuesday 14 September 2021
Hortus Botanicus
Rapenburg 73

On Tuesday September 14, the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) organizes the sixth edition of its annual Science Day. The goal is to highlight the newest research at LION, and to welcome first year master students and new PhD students to our institute.

Our goal is to organize an in-person event at the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. There will be talks about research, and ample time to wander among exotic plants and discuss the challenges and joy of doing physics. The will be a trivia competition, and lunch will be provided.
For the planning (especially because there might be Corona rules), we have asked to register by Friday September 10. However, registrations exceeded the available space (60) before this date. An e-mail with a live stream link will go out to all LION personnel on monday 13 September.

Other physics students and LION staff are also welcome, but the event is especially recommended for Master students and first year PhD students. We will have special ‘advice sessions’ for those groups.

10:10   Jan Aarts Welcome
10:20 1 Sense Jan van der Molen

Let’s twist again: studying the intriguing properties of twisted bilayer graphene. 

10:40 2 Pieter de Visser The New Neighbors: SRON
11:00 3 Trivia Game  
11:20    Socialize  
11:40 4 Jan van Ruitenbeek

Current-induced one-dimensional diffusion of Co ad-atoms on graphene nanoribbons

12:00 5 Michiel de Dood

The physics of single photon detection with superconducting nanowires.

12:20 6 Samia Ouhajji Changing Shape at the Microscale.
12:40   Lunch
13:40 7 TBD advice for master students Master 
14:00 8 Matthieu Schaller Reproducing our Universe in a computer to understand its fundamental laws.
14:20 9 Jordi Tura Randomness Generation with Certification via Limited Quantum Devices.
14:40 10 Kaveh Lahabi Printable quantum devices for probing quantum materials
15:00   Break  
15:20 11 TBD PhD advice
15:40 12 John van Noort Managing our genome: physics between order and disorder.
16:00 13 Floris Balm  Black holes as quantum computers for densely entangled matter.
16:20 14    
16:40   End / Horticulture self-study in the park


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