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Online Museum Talk: Lizzie Marx (Mauritshuis): Fleeting – Scents in Colour

  • Lizzie Marx
Wednesday 29 September 2021
Museum Talks at the Leiden Department of Art History

Lizzie Marx will talk about Fleeting – Scents in Colour, an exhibition that was held at the Mauritshuis about smell in seventeenth-century art (5 June – 29 August 2021). From scented flowers and perfumes, to foul-smelling canals and cadavers, the exhibition brought together paintings, works on paper, and objects. Select pieces were also paired with scents that were dispensed in the exhibition. Drawing on research from historical recipes, international trade history, the history of medicine, and more, the exhibition raised questions on the significance of smells in works of art, and their aromatic connotations. This presentation discusses the various ways in which artworks evoke smell, and puts forward a different perspective on the experience and interpretation of art.


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Jan van der Heyden, View of the Oudezijds Voorburgwal with the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, c.1670. Oil on panel, 41.4 x 52.3 cm. Mauritshuis, The Hague
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