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Developing New Africanists (DNA) Symposium

Tuesday 12 October 2021
Online | register via link below

Join us October 12th 15:00 CEST for a free online symposium consisting of presentations by students of the Samples of Linguistic Structure course at Leiden University.

The schedule is as follows:

        15:00 - 15:10   Introduction
        15:10 - 15:40   When data defies typology: laryngeal contrasts in Hadza (Alba Hermida Rodríguez)
        15:40 - 16:10   East Rift Southern Cushitic and its relevance for the linguistic history of East Africa (Iris Kruijsdijk)
        16:10 - 16:40   What can Hadza tell us about the existent verbal number terminology? (Laura Minderaa)
        16:40 - 17:10   Perception verbs in Iraqw and Gorwaa (Jeroen van Ravenhorst)
        17:10 - 17:40   A close look at the category of the hither in Iraqw (Jaleesa de Regt)
        17:40 - 18:10   Hadza origins: a combined perspective from linguistics and genetics (Nina van der Vlugt)
        18:10 - 18:30   Closing and final remarks / discussion

*Students have spent the summer months improving their papers and developing their talks, and your input will be incredibly valuable to them. If interested, please enter your email in the form, and, as the Symposium draws closer, you will be contacted with the meeting link.

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