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Let's talk about Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching

Thursday 28 October 2021
14.30-16.30 + Drinks Reception until 17.30
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague

We would like to invite you to our FGGA Symposium: Let’s talk about Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching on 28 October.

The creation of an inclusive curriculum and inclusive teaching is becoming an increasingly important theme to talk about within the educational environment. We as FGGA are extremely proud to announce our upcoming faculty symposium: ‘Let’s talk about Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching’! As the first faculty of Leiden University to take forward this discussion, we are keen to bring people together to share our thoughts on how to create an inclusive curriculum and an inclusive way of teaching. Are you keen to explore what is exactly meant when you hear Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching? Are you curious about what you can do as a teacher or supported staff member to contribute to Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching? Or what challenges or difficulties might go along with the development of an Inclusive Curriculum and how can we face them together?

Please register below and secure your place at the symposium!

By hosting this symposium, we will create an open and inspiring environment for all staff members, both supported staff ánd academic staff, during which we can talk with each other about this topic. The event will include several presentations (from internal and external speakers) that offer room for different perspectives on the development of an inclusive curriculum and inclusive teaching. But equally important is how this event will bring all of us more clarity about the theme: Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching.

This symposium will both give you a quick deep dive into the broad concept of Inclusive Curriculum as it introduces hands-on guidelines that can be helpful for teachers interested in making their classrooms more inclusive. We invite everyone to easily start the conversation about this topic and get inspired.
Let’s talk about Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching!


*not complete yet

14.15 Walk-in

14.30-14.40 Opening & welcome by Moderator Siela Ardjosemito

14.40-14.45 Erwin Muller | Faculty vision on Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching

14.45-15.00 Jos Beelen, hoogleraar Global and Inclusive Learning Haagse Hogeschool | The Hidden Curriculum; exploring inclusivity in internationalization
15.00-15.30 Panel discussion on Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching
  Panel members*:

  • Tanachia Ashikali
  • Ingrid Samset
  • Andrei Poama
  • Densua Mumford
  • Daan Weggemans
  • Eamon Aloyo

*Panel not yet complete
15.30-15.40 BREAK
15.40-15.45 Koen Caminada | Bias van wat?

15.45-15.55 Judi Mesman | Sketching the bigger picture of key issues that require reflection when aiming to foster inclusiveness in academic institutions.
15.55-16.05 Elena Bondarouk & Emily Wolff | Introducing a set of hands-on guidelines, that can be helpful for teachers interested in making their classrooms more inclusive, but who are not sure where to start yet.
16.05-16.15 Aayushi Shah & Saskia Postema | Teaching academic skills - recognizing bias and intersectionality as foundations for inclusive and critical thinking.

16.15-16.30 Questions & Comments

16.30-16.40 Moderator Siela Ardjosemito & Diversity Officer FGGA Susanne Deen | Recap, next steps & food for thought

16:40-17:30 Drinks Reception

D&I Action Agenda

By organising this event, the FGGA D&I Action Agenda, approved by the Faculty Board, is being followed. Besides the organisation of this event focused on Inclusive Curriculum & Teaching, several other D&I projects will continue; namely inclusive student recruitment and retention as well as procedures. Curious about the complete FGGA D&I Action Agenda? More information.

This is a physical event and is not streamed online.

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