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Online Career Week 8 - 12 November

Monday 8 November 2021 - Friday 12 November 2021
Online & on location
Online Career Week Universiteit Leiden 8-12 november 2021

Kickstart your Career!

How do you prepare yourself for the next step in your career? The career services of Leiden University are here to help! During the Career Week we offer a full week of workshops to help you get ready for that next step.  

Start the week with getting a new LinkedIn/CV photo taken by our professional photographer at Wijnhaven. Have your CV checked or attend a workshop first. Learn how to negotiate your salary and deal with career stress. And for those interested in working at the EU, hear firsthand experiences from trainees and the Head of Politics at the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands.  

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Day Time Activity Language
Mon 8 Nov 12.00-14.00 Career Time at Wijnhaven EN/NL
Mon 8 Nov 15.30-17.00 Workshop CV & application letter  EN
Tue 9 Nov 10.00-11.00 Workshop: LinkedIn & Netwerk  NL
Wed 10 Nov 10.00-11.00 “Workshop Salary Negotiation” by Erwin Hieltjes of Salaristijger   EN
Thu 11 Nov 10.00-12.00 Workshop Career Stress  EN
Thu 11 Nov 11.00-12.00 Working for the EU – online  EN
Thu 11 Nov 15.00-18.00 Working with a disability  EN
Fri 12 Nov 11.00-12.00 Working for the EU – online EN
Fri 12 Nov 13.00-15.00 Impact ondernemerschap: Iets voor jou? NL
During the whole week   Career Time online – Verschillende tijdsloten EN/NL

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Are you a student of the faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Social and Behavioural Sciences or Humanities? And would you like a professional to look at your CV or LinkedIn profile? Come visit Career Time live at Wijnhaven or register for Online Career Time during the Online Career Week and let's discuss your future plans and help you get there!  

Live: Visit Wijnhaven on Monday 8 November between 12.00-14.00. Bring a printout of your CV to get feedback and also take the opportunity to get your picture taken by the professional photographer that will be present.  

Online: Please register for a 10 minute session to meet a career advisor online. Submit your CV in pdf or add a url to your LinkedIn page. After registration you will be informed on how you will be reached. 

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Many employers still ask for a Curriculum Vitae and application letter for applications. What should (and should not) be covered in your cv and application letter? 

During the first part of this workshop, you will learn about the do’s and don’ts when creating your cv. The second part will cover how to write a letter of application that includes your motivation and suitability for the job you desire will be covered. 

Deadline to sign up for this workshop: Friday 5 November 12.00 hrs.

Networking and LinkedIn have become almost inseparable from the job market. You might be invited to a networking event, or you plan to have a cup of coffee with someone from your dream organization. This is where networking skills come in handy. A great way to stay in touch afterward is via LinkedIn. But what is networking? How do you do it? And what are the do’s and don’t’s of LinkedIn? This workshop will help you become more familiar with LinkedIn and how to network both online and offline.

Negotiation is a skill you can learn. Join this workshop to get the most out of your next salary negotiation. You will learn about the negotiation mindset, what you can ask for and how to go about a negotiation in the Netherlands. 

Sometimes it feels like everyone around you has finished three internships, two masters and had time left to do volunteer work in the summers. In short, everybody seems to be more prepared than you to start that first job. 

Of course this isn’t true, but it can be the source of a stressful feeling. In this workshop we will talk about the origin of the stress and you will learn how to deal better with this pressure. We will also define what your first step can be to start looking for that graduate job, internship or project. 

Dealing with economic recovery, climate change, migration and international trade, EU officials work on issues that are high on the political agenda and affect the lives of more than four hundred million citizens.   
As an employer, the EU offers a stimulating, dynamic and multicultural workplace, with a wealth of career and training opportunities. Join this event to learn more about a European career and the selection procedure for European officials.  
Take this chance to meet Andreas Zenthöfer (Head of Politics at the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands), the EU Careers Ambassador and some trainees at the European Commission or European Parliament to discuss what internships and career opportunities the EU offers and how to successfully apply. Hear from them about their experiences and get useful tips. You can decide to join the live session or participate online. 

During the events, we would like to focus more on the personal experiences of our guests. If you are looking for practical information on how to apply, please consult the following websites: 

  • https://epso.europa.eu/home_nl 
  • www.werkenbijdeeu.nl 


Thursday 11 November, 11.00-12.00, Working for the EU 
Friday 12 November, 11.00-12.00, Working for the EU 

During this webinar Ctalents, Babbage and SWOM will tell you everything there is to know about applying and working with a disability. An experienced recruiter will share knowledge about the do's and don'ts on the job market, what to expect from employers and their response to your disability, how to “brand” your own disability etc. Also included is how to discover what you need in terms of being happy and successfull in your future job versus how to make it easier on your (future) employer to deal with your disability.  Rabobank will be present to share their vision on these topics from the employer point of view. 

Carlijn Stolwijk and Sier de Jonge from Studeren & Werken Op Maat (SWOM) will tell you all about the internship desk from SWOM.  SWOM assists highly educated Young Professionals with a (functional) disability in finding a suitable job or internship at the level of their educational background. SWOM does this in cooperation with more than 90 organizations such as several ministries, municipalities, but also corporates like Aegon and Unilever 

Het aantal huishoudens dat langdurig in armoede leeft neemt toe, de arbeidsparticipatie van mensen met een arbeidsbeperking schommelt al jaren rond de 30% en de plastic soep wordt alleen maar groter. Impact ondernemingen nemen de regie in het oppakken van deze complexe vraagstukken en genereren daarbij ook nog eens financiële waarde. En met succes: de sector heeft laten zien zelfs in economische crises te groeien en banen te creëren. Op Nederlands en Europees niveau worden impact ondernemingen dan ook gezien als belangrijke bron van innovatieve oplossingen voor maatschappelijke problemen. In deze workshop maak je kennis met de wereld van impact ondernemerschap en ontdek je hoe jij op een sociale, innovatieve, zelfstandige én ondernemende manier een maatschappelijke bijdrage kan leveren.

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