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Online webinar

How to take care of your mental health?

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Together with the Leiden Science China student association, Leiden university will host a webinar for Chinese students and PhD Phd candidates in Leiden with practical information and tips on how to deal with mental health issues. How does the Dutch health care system work? What support can the university give you?  How do you find your way around the Dutch health care system if the university cannot give the support you need? Special attention will be given to challenges for PhD candidates.

The online webinar is targeted at Chinese students and Chinese PhD candidates at Leiden University. All international students are welcome. 

Language: English, Chinese is possible during Q&A session. 

For more information on well-being, please check our student website.


The first speaker is Nienke Jongejan who works at the Leiden University Well-being Office. She will address the topics:

  • The support Leiden University can offer  
  • How the Dutch health care system works 
  • How to take steps to get your healthcare organised 

The second speaker is Vassia Sarantopoulou who is a psychologist registered with the Netherlands Institute for Psychologists. She works with a team of international and multilingual psychologists in the “Anti-loneliness” team. She will speak about:

  • The importance of Mental Health awareness 
  • Why we need to protect our mental health, now more than ever 
  • Signs of mental stress 
  • Stress & its symptoms 
  • Prevention & Self-Care 

Moderator of the Q&A session is Lu Chen, PhD student at LACDR and representative from the Leiden Science China student association.


Presentation on Dutch health care system and what can Leiden University do for you? By Nienke Jongejan
Tips for prevention. How do you know if you have a mental health issue? by Vassia Sarantopoulou
Q&A session, moderated by Lu Chen
Closing of the meeting

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