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The external dimension of EU Green Deal

  • Alfonso Medinilla, Policy Officer at ECDMP
Friday 26 November 2021
EU Seminar
Lipsius 003 and Online

The European Green Deal has been widely hailed as a watershed, an opportunity to transform the EU’s economy and society and put it on a more ecologically sustainable path. EU also has the ambition to be the global leader on climate, setting an example and influencing other countries through the external effects of its policies. Yet some of these measures have been denounced by its partners as covert protectionism, and there are serious concerns that some of the new mechanisms will severely limit the access of developing countries to the EU market. In this EU seminar, we will hear more about the key components of the EU Green Deal and their external dimension, how they fit with the EU development policy, and how they are expected to impact other countries.

Alfonso Medinilla is a Policy Oficer at the ECDPM, a leading European think thank that provides research, advice, and policy analysis to institutions in EU and Africa with the goal of making development more sustainable and inclusive. Alfonso’s research covers various themes of the EU’s foreign and development policy, including EU relations with the African Union, climate action and green transition with a focus on renewable energy and the water-energy-food nexus. You can find Alfonso’s recent publications, and read about the work of ECDPM on their website, https://ecdpm.org/people/alfonsomedinilla/.

You can read more here about ECDPM’s research on the external dimension of the European Green Deal.

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