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Online Christmas Event and Psychology Awards

Monday 20 December 2021
Christmas at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

All staff and nominees are cordially invited!

The Executive Board of the Institute Psychology invites you to join the online Christmas Event on Monday December 20, 2021 at 16:00 hours via Teams. During this event the Psychology awards will be presented.   

Nominees Psychology awards

Psychology teaching award

  • Clinical psychology: Joanne Mouthaan, Anne van Giezen, Anne Krause and  Niki Antypa and Jacqueline Guicherit, Sandy Overgaauw, Nadia Garnefski, Manja Koenders
  • Methodology and Statistics: Sjoerd Huisman
  • Cogniteve Psychology: Zsuzsika Sjoerds
  • Social, Economic and Organisational Psychologie: Anouk van der Weiden
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology: Kiki Zanolie
  • Health, Medical and Neuropsychology: Ineke van der Ham, Margot van der Doef and Judy Veldhuijzen

PhD Publication Award

  • Mia Thomaidou: ‘An experimental investigation into the mediating role of pain-related fear in boosting nocebo hyperalgesia’
  • Chris Hoeboer: ‘Temporal relationship between change in subjective distress and PTSD symptom decrease during prolonged exposure therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder’
  • Jeffrey Durieux: ‘Clusterwise independent component analysis (C-ICA): using fMRI resting state networks to find sub-groups across subjects’
  • Jiemiao Chen: ‘Visual avoidance of faces in socially anxious individuals: The moderating effect of type of social situation’
  • Andrea Farina: ‘Social preferences correlate with cortical thickness of the orbito-frontal cortex’
  • Eliška Procházková: ‘Physiological synchrony is associated with attraction in a blind date setting’

PhD Wild Card Award - Team Science

  • Anne Trutti: ‘A probabilistic atlas of the human ventral tegmental area (VTA) based on 7 Tesla MRI data’
  • Loes Janssen and Marie-Louise Kullberg: ‘Does the COVID-19 pandemic impact parents’ and adolescents’ well-being? An EMA-study on daily affect and parenting’
  • Yung-Ting Tsou: ‘Navigating the world of emotions: social information processing in children with and without hearing loss’
  • Katja Cardol and Judith Tommel: ‘Detecting and treating psychosocial and lifestyle-related difficulties in chronic disease: development and treatment protocol of the E-GOAL eHealth care pathway’

Master Thesis

  • Nienke Luijcks: FRAMing the situation: An overview of the work and psychological safety of healthcare professionals at a department of a Dutch hospital.
  • Irina Verhülsdonk: Prevalence of psychiatric disorders among refugees in immigration detention: a systematic review with meta-analysis
  • Kim Di Lorenzo: The musical coping and responsivity scale: creation, validation & predictor identification
  • Alexander Schmaljuk: The more, the better? The effect of cognitive load and nutrition labels on healthy food choices
  • Ellen Klerkx: Willingness to help patients with cardiovascular disease: Identifying the influence of underlying assumptions
  • Irene Csorba: Evaluating methods for the comparison of medians: Which test is the best?
  • Fabienne Keijzers: The intergenerational transmission of anxiety: Attachment as a moderator?
  • Kim van de Paverd: Why push does not come to shovel: Goal conflict, procrastination and the intention-behavior gap in green domestic garden usage

Research Master Thesis

  • Noa van Zwieten: Predicting eating disorder severity by combining intra-individual network models and machine learning models: A proof-of-concept study
  • Donatella Fiacchino: Behavioral mimicry and attraction: A speed-dating study
  • Christel Klootwijk: Adolescents’ school motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis: A daily diary study
  • Luuk Snijder: Choosing with whom to cooperate in an unequal society: The effect of free partner choice on cooperation during a one-shot public goods game in which players differ in their income and productivity

OBP Psychology Award


  • Jennifer Martin 

  • Conny Binnendijk

  • Sigrid Bouwmeester

Leiden Psychology Blog Award


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