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Modernity and the Darkness at the Heart of the Enlightenment: Racism

Friday 28 January 2022


Dating of Modernity may differ from theorist to theorist, the earliest is the Renaissance, from the beginning of  the 16th century. The Enlightenment, though much later, in the 18th century is undisputedly constitutive of the notion of Modernity, and the thoughts/writings of Immanuel Kant are undisputedly constitutive of The Enlightenment. 

This talk will raise the following: 

  • What is the Enlightenment/The Age of Reason? What is Kant’s account? 
  • How did Kant, starting from the premise that human beings who possess Rationality get to the Racist conclusion that “Philosophy is not to be found in the Orient”. 

For more information about this event, please contact the organizer, Siavash Rafiee Rad.  

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