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International Law As We Know It

Thursday 17 February 2022
Online via Zoom

The speaker of this next monthly seminar, hosted by The Hague Program on International Cyber Security, will be Lianne Boer, Assistant Professor of Public International Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

This seminar will be held online on Zoom. You can register here.

In this seminar, Lianne Boer will discuss her new book International Law As We Know It (2021, Cambridge University Press). International legal scholars tend to think of their work as the interpretation of rules: the application of a law 'out there' to concrete situations. This book takes a different approach to that scholarship: it views doctrine as a socio-linguistic practice. In other words, this book views legal scholars not as law-appliers, but as constructing knowledge within a particular academic discipline. By means of three close-ups of the discourse on cyberwar and international law, this book shows how international legal knowledge is constructed in ways usually overlooked: by means of footnotes, for example, or conference presentations. In so doing, this book aims to present a new way of seeing international legal scholarship: one that pays attention to the mundane parts of international legal texts and provides a different understanding of how international law as we know it comes about.

Registration (via Zoom)

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