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CCLS Seminar

Tuesday 8 March 2022
After the seminar, drinks will be served at the Science Club (@ Gorlaeus Lecture Hall, Einsteinweg 57)
Einsteinweg 55
2333 Leiden
De Sitterzaal
Stefan Semrau

CCLS Seminar

Stefan Semrau is Associate Professor of Physcics at LION 

TitlePhiclust: a clusterability measure for single-cell transcriptomics reveals phenotypic subpopulations

AbstractThe ability to discover new cell phenotypes by unsupervised clustering of single-cell transcriptomes has revolutionized biology. Currently, there is no principled way to decide whether a cluster of cells contains meaningful subpopulations that should be further resolved. In this presentation I will introduce phiclust, a clusterability measure derived from random matrix theory that can be used to identify cell clusters with non-random substructure, testably leading to the discovery of previously overlooked phenotypes.

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