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ISGA Research Seminar: 'Is Cyber International Law International?'

Monday 28 March 2022
ISGA Research Seminar Series 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Common room ISGA, and via Teams.

Dr. François Delerue is a Senior Researcher in Cyber Security Governance at the Institute for Security and Gobal Affairs at Leiden University and Project Expert on International Law for EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative (EU Cyber Direct). Previously, he worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM), a research center of the French Ministry of Defense. He conducts research on how new technologies challenge international law and international relations. His book titled Cyber Operations and International Law was published by Cambridge University Press in February 2020 and received the 2021 Book Prize of the European Society for International Law.

About this research seminar

This paper questions whether the international law applicable to cyberspace and cyber operations is international. This question aims to distinguish which parts of cyber international law are ‘international’ or ‘universal’, meaning that they are binding on all States and likely to be interpreted and operationalized in the same manner by all States, from the parts that are left to the unilateral interpretation by individual States. To answer this question, the paper addresses three sub-questions: is cyber international law complete? is cyber international law contested? and finally, is cyber international law applied? The main conclusion of the paper is that cyber international law is international. The international law applicable to cyberspace is generally comprised of rules and principles of international law considered to be binding on all States. Yet, behind this apparent universality, cyber international law is comprised of a mosaic of views when it comes to the interpretation and implementation of its norms. Building on these observations, this paper discusses the importance of dissociating debates on the content of international law from debates on international politics.

For whom?

The research seminars are open to all levels of seniority  - ranging from PhD candidates to senior professors in order to ensure a vibrant exchange and also feed-back opportunities for all. 


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