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The European Union & the War in Ukraine

Wednesday 30 March 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

On 30 March H.E. Luis Vassy and Professor Bert Koenders will engage in a discussion with students from Leiden University on the initial reaction of the European Union to the War in Ukraine, and the implications for the Union of the ongoing conflict.

The EU’s initial response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been more unified than many expected. The EU swiftly condemned Russian aggression, imposed four packages of economic and personalized sanctions in response to Russia’s military aggression so far, has been unified in welcoming Ukrainian refugees, and took the unprecedented step of providing arms to Ukraine.

But how can and should the Union deal with the ongoing war right at its border, the large numbers of refugees that will continue to enter the EU? What will the war mean for energy policy in the EU and for the future of European defense cooperation? What will the European response mean for transatlantic relations and the global positioning of Europe? In the context of the French Presidency of the EU the French Ambassador and Prof. Koenders will discuss these and other issues with students under the auspices of mr.drs. Willemijn Aerdts.


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