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Lecture | Kaiser Lente Lezing

The Gaia telescope: mapping 1 billion stars with 1 billion pixels

Saturday 19 March 2022
Old Observatory
Sterrenwachtlaan 11
2311 GW Leiden
Online and at the Old Observatory

Tickets: buy a ticket (€4) to attend the lecture at the Old Observatory
Live stream: find the link for the live stream (free) at the Kaiser Spring Lectures webpage

Gaia is a space mission from the European Space Agency. Using two special telescopes and a camera with about one billion pixels, it is currently creating a 3D movie of one billion stars in our home galaxy, the Milky Way. I will provide an overview of the history of the Gaia mission and will explain how this remote-controlled robot makes its magic measurements and which lessons scientists are extracting from these novel data.

This lecture will be held in English.

Live attendance or live stream

The Kaiser Spring Lectures take place at the Old Observatory in Leiden! Tickets cost €4 per person and will be available on our website from Monday 14 February. Attending the lectures online is free, the link to follow the livestream will be available a few days in advance on our website and our socials.

Kaiser Spring Lectures: four Saturdays of Astronomy

Four Saturdays full of astronomy The Leiden Astronomical Dispute 'F. Kaiser' and the Oude Sterrewacht Leiden will again this year organise the Kaiser Spring Lectures, the annual series of lectures for the general public. Four experts from both Leiden University and other universities will come to the Old Observatory to give a lecture on a central theme to promote astronomy.


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