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University interpretation on war Ukraine

Thursday 3 March 2022
Wijnhaven + online

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Registration required (maximum 350 people in the auditorium). Directly involved staff and students will receive a personal mail and seats are reserved for them. 

The attack on Ukraine, a new war on the European continent, it raises all kinds of questions. In a meeting on Thursday 3 March, scientists from the various faculties will interpret the backgrounds of this war. Where does Putin draw the line? What does he want to achieve? What role does Europe play? What about the deep mutual energy dependence of Europe and Russia? Can Putin be stopped or is this the beginning of World War III? What role does disinformation play in this conflict?

We put such questions to our own scholars. The programme (which is still in flux) is as follows:

  • Opening by Rector Magnificus Hester Bijl
  • Discussion and Q&A led by Jan Melissen. The following scientists have agreed to participate:
    • Isabelle Duijvesteijn, Professor of International Studies and Global History (FGW)
    • Otto Boele, is associate professor at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (FGW)
    • Veronika Yefremova, Phd fellow Europa Institute (FdR)
    • Frans Osinga, associate professor of War Studies (FGGA)
    • Antoaneta Dimitrova, Professor of Comparative Governance (FGGA)
    • Honorata Mazepus, Assistant Professor (FFGA). Expert in Ukrainian public opinion, fake news and communications, with recent participation in a number of projects on the region such as EU-STRAT (FGGA)

Afterwards there will be the possibility to meet and talk. Support is available from Student and Educational Affairs for all kinds of questions from students. Also, the Servicecentre International Staff is present for any questions about visas and residence permits.

Leiden University is shocked by the invasion of Ukraine and sympathizes with everyone affected by this. The university calls for solidarity and: we stand in solidarity with students and staff in Ukraine and we embrace the academic communities in Russia who speak out against the invasion and who continue to courageously work for peace, dialogue and open cooperation.

Foto: ANP

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