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Leiden University Career Week

Monday 11 April 2022 - Wednesday 13 April 2022
This event is for all students and young alumni of Leiden University
Online & on location
11-13 April - Leiden University Career Week 2022

Kickstart your Career!

How do you prepare yourself for the next step in your career? The career services of Leiden University are here to help! During the Leiden University Career Week we offer interesting workshops and events to help you get ready for that next step.  

This event is for all students and young alumni of Leiden University.

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Date Time Session Location
Monday 11 April 10.00-11.30 Workshop CV & application letter (ENG) Online

Career Time (ENG/NL)

CV check
LinkedIn check
Professional LinkedIn photoshoot

Online/Live in Leiden & The Hague
  15.00-16.00 Workshop Online job interview: tips & tricks (ENG) Online
  16.30-17.30  Workshop Succesvol contact maken met alumni en werkgevers (NL)  
Tuesday 12 April 09.30-10.30 LIVE: Career panel with recruiters - what do employers look for? (ENG) In PdlC in 1B.01 & Livestream
  11.00-12.30 Werken als Trainee (NL)  Online
  14.00-15.30 Career planning canvas (ENG, Full)
Discover your core qualities & make your next career step 
Live, PLNT Leiden
  16.00-17.00 Orienting on a gap year (ENG) Online


11 April , 10.00-11.30 hrs

During this workshop you will get tips so you can build a professional CV and you will learn what to include when you write an application letter.

Imagine you just found an interesting job or internship vacancy. Often, you need to apply via a CV and an application letter. This can be quite difficult. How can you ensure that your CV and application letter stand out between the other applications? 

Which parts are important to highlight and how can you phrase them the best way? There are many tips and tricks online, but it can be hard to navigate through the overkill of information. 

During this workshop, you will learn how to write a CV and motivation letter that best reflects your profile. Our career advisors help you to present yourself in the best possible way.

11 April, during the whole week

Want a professional to look at your CV or LinkedIn page? Could you use a new professional profile picture for LinkedIn? Let's discuss your future plans and help you get there!
Join us on April 11th from 12.30-14.00:

  • Live in The Hague
    Drop by Career Time at the Wijnhaven Building!
    No need to register, just just join us next to the restaurant, up the escalator.

  • Live in Leiden
    Drop by Career Time at the Lipsius Building, in the entrance hall.


Online Career Time will take place through the whole week. Please register for a 10 minute session to meet a career advisor online. Submit your CV in pdf or add a url to your LinkedIn page. After registration you will be informed on how you will be reached. The link to sign up for online career time can be found in the confirmation mail after signing up. Or you can sign up directly for Online Career Time here:

NL: Sign up here

ENG: Sign up here

11 April, 15.00-16.00 hrs

How to prepare for an online application interview? How to formulate effective answers? What does an application interview and online procedure look like? Effectively presenting yourself is a vital part of landing a job that suits you, but how to achieve this online? This workshop will deal with all these questions, with also room for your questions! We will present examples and practical tips for coming across both skilled and motivated on screen. 

This workshop is meant for students and recent graduates that wish to prepare for an application interview now or in the (near) future.  After registration you will receive more details and information (e.g. the link to MS Teams meeting).

11 April, 16.30-17.30 hrs

Netwerken is het maken van contact en het uitwisselen van informatie met andere mensen, groepen en organisaties voor het ontwikkelen van een wederzijds voordelige relatie. Dit maken van contact is tegelijkertijd een goede manier om informatie te verzamelen over mogelijk interessante functies en werkgevers. Maar hoe zorg je er nu voor dat je contact maakt op een succesvolle manier met alumni en werkgevers? In deze workshop kom je hier meer over te weten en ga je hiermee aan de slag!

In deze workshop leer je op een succesvolle manier contact te maken met alumni en werkgevers. Op een interactieve manier, waarbij je alvast contact maakt met medestudenten gaan we met het onderwerp aan de slag. Tijdens de workshop ontvang je daarnaast tips en voorbeelden met betrekking tot hoe jij te werk kan gaan bij het maken van succesvol contact, ook als je nog aan het oriënteren bent en nog niet weet wat je wilt of zoekt.

Schrijf je in voor deze workshop en kom in succesvol contact!

12 April, 09.30-10.30 hrs

Discuss with our panel members the opportunities and challenges involved in starting a career in the Netherlands. Opportunity to ask the experts and share experiences.

You may ask the recruiters, talent managers and talent acquisition specialists from various organizations everything you want to know regarding application skills and strategy and the art of presenting yourself to a future employer. Find out how to adjust your CV and write an effective job application letter, learn to benefit from social media and more!

You can still register for the livestream of this event.

12 april, 11.00-12.30 uur

Overheidsorganisaties en bedrijven bieden recent afgestudeerden traineeships aan in uiteenlopende werkgebieden. Wil jij graag aan de slag als trainee? Op zoek naar tips voor de sollicitatieprocedure? Of ben je nog aan het onderzoeken of een traineeship iets voor jou is? Kom dan naar ons event ‘Werken als trainee’!

Wat is een traineeship?
Een traineeship is een combinatie van werken en leren terwijl je in dienst bent van een organisatie. Als trainee werk je in korte tijd mee op meerdere afdelingen van het bedrijf, om zodoende snel ervaring op te doen en de organisatie goed te leren kennen. Daarbij biedt de organisatie een stevig opleidingspad aan. 

Tijdens dit event leer je meer over de verschillende traineeshipmogelijkheden en wat erbij komt kijken als je daadwerkelijk aan de slag gaat als trainee. Tevens krijg je tips voor de sollicitatieprocedures van de verschillende traineeships. Meld je aan voor de webinar op 12 april!

Inhoud van de bijeenkomst:
Benieuwd hoe het is om Rijkstrainee te zijn of deel te nemen aan het diplomatenklasje? Wil je horen wat een trainee allemaal doet en hoe de selectieprocedure verloopt? Schrijf je nu in voor Werken als trainee! Verschillende trainees van onder andere het Rijkstraineeprogramma, het diplomatenklasje (het opleidingstraject International Beleidsmedewerker bij Buitenlandse Zaken), het financial traineeship en het traineeprogramma van de Provincie Zuid-Holland zullen aanwezig zijn om hun ervaringen te delen en tips te geven.

Aanwezig zijn:

Marléne Derksen

Operational Audit trainee Rijksoverheid

Michael Mackloet

International Beleidsmedewerker Buitenlandse Zaken (Diplomatenklasje)

Tobias Sandoval Garcia


Ravi Kumar

Trainee Provincie Zuid Holland

Gerben Cramer

Trainee SeederDeBoer

Annemeike Peters

Trainee Provincie Zuid-Holland

Rachelle Zieleman

Financial Trainee

Dimitri Smout

Recruiter/ Coördinator Financial Traineeship

Dick Hallegraeff

Voormalig loopbaancoach Rijkstraineeprogramma

12 April, 14.00-15.30 hrs

Registration for this workshop is full

Discover your core qualities & make your next career step!
What would I like to do exactly? How do I determine my next step and how to get there?
Just a few examples of questions that you can face during your studies. As a student Sander Kuin was struggling with the same life questions. For him a reason to become a trainer and develop a casual and hands-on workshop that is completely designed to help you giving direction to your personal and professional career.

In this workshop Sander helps you linking your personal qualities to your interests and personal future ambition. This way you will get the chance to design a rough career plan, to directly put into practice by taking your first step that aims to fulfilling your master plan!

12 April, 16.00-17.00 hrs

By Diána Bene-Morozov, HR Consultant and Trainer

A gap year has the capacity to change your life. It surely changed mine and I did not even plan on taking one.

I will combine insights from a decade of HR experience, my own gap year and my interviews with other professionals who took gap years to explore the topic from a variety of angles.

  • What can you do during a gap year and how can you profit from it?
  • How do you plan one?
  • How do you sell your university program when applying to jobs and internships during your gap year?
  • How do you keep a positive mindset during a period of time that has less structure than the years you spent at uni?

Come along to figure out whether a gap year could be an interesting alternative for you after your studies!

Wednesday 13 April: Faculty Day!

On Wednesday 13 April, all Faculties had the oppurtunity to organise a complementary Faculty programme to the Career Week. Curious what you Faculty is organising? Look at the websites below.

10.00-12.00 hrs LIVE CareerMarket FSW Leiden

Would you like to meet organisations that can help you find suitable extracurricular activities, such as internships, side jobs and voluntary work, as well as further preparation for the labour market and networking activities? And would you like to have your CV and LinkedIn profile checked? Then drop by the CareerMarket FSW on 13 April in the main hall of the Pieter de la Court building! No need to register!

More information about the participating organisations

12.30-16.15 hrs Humanities Career Event

Join us online for talks with alumni and others from a variety of professions!

More information and sign up for the Humanities Career Event

12.30-17.30 hrs Campus The Hague Career Event

Join us in Wijnhaven in The Hague or online and meet multiple organisations to kickstart your Career. This event is for students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, and the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University.

More information and sign up for Campus The Hague Career Event

15.00-16.30 hrs Career College: To PhD or not to PhD?

During this career event a panel of Alumni might help you to deal with this question by sharing their PhD or non-PhD experience and by telling you why they did or did not choose to pursue a PhD. This event is for students of the Faculty of Science & LUMC.

More information and sign up for this Career College

Leiden University Career Zone

Did you know that there is already a lot of information and tips about preparing yourself for the labour market online? Visit our website Leiden University Career Zone, here you will find:

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