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Fieldwork NL conference 2022

Friday 29 April 2022
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
1.A20 & 0.A28

During the Fieldwork NL conference bachelor students will present their research. 

There will be a live stream of the presentation for those who can not join in person. Everyone is  invited to join for drinks afterwards on our (CADS) third floor.



  Room 0.A28 Room 1.A20
09:15 - 10:15

Youth Identities

  • Hiphop identity in Rotterdam
  • Chalk Activism: Making Catcalling Visible
  • Hiphop identity in Rotterdam
  • Reputation of Laak
  • Music through Images: How identity is created through the use of audio-visual methods in a digitalized industry

Identities on The Move


  • Expatriates or Immigrants in the Netherlands: Navigating in-between categories
  • Moroccan Heritage and Identity Formation in The Netherlands
  • At home in a foreign land: Identity and ethnic group formation among Polish and Portuguese people in the Netherlands
  • With a little help from friends: The role of friendship in the integration of international students

Coffee and Tea break

Coffee and Tea break

10:40 - 11:40


  • The Market as a Stage
  • Food Delivery Workers
  • Art Exploration
  • Digital Labour Unions

Contemporary Student Life


  • Studying and Socialisation in the Digital Age: An Ethnography of StudyStream
  • (Ge)woon Crisis: Student Housing in Leiden
  • Inclusivity within fraternities (with respect to the LBQTI community
  • Recreational Drug Use and Stigma In the Netherlands and Lebanon

Coffee and Tea break

Coffee and Tea break

12:00 - 13:00

Sustainable Lives


  • AyA ecovillage: finding oneself in a developing sustainable community
  • Sustainability through clothing
  • The Circle of Life and Living: How life-cycle thinking influences everyday life in ecovillage Bergen
  • Youth and Climate Change: Ignoring or Attempting?

Social Scenes

  • Talking To The Moon
  • Queer in Joy Motion
  • It's all in the cards: An anthropological approach to how Magic the Gathering cards obtain their value
  • One's place in the Dutch drag scene



13:45 - 14:55  

Changing Bonds

Final session - all in one room

  • Urk: a community bound by fish
  • Maintaining Personhood During Later Life Care: Caring for Each Other, With Each Other
  • Digitalising Intimacy: The digitilisation of sex work in the Netherlands
  • Family Heirloom, What Gives Them Value?

Drinks on the third floor - at the CADS department


Fieldwork NL

Fieldwork NL is a core course in the Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology Bachelor programme, in which second-year bachelor students learn how to design their own research, conduct fieldwork and report on their findings. Students work together in small groups to develop a research design and do three weeks of fieldwork in the Netherlands. The groups write a research report and present their findings during the Fieldwork NL conference on Friday 29 April. 

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