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Global Online Thesis Topic Meetings (GOTTMs) in IP and unfair competition

Tuesday 5 April 2022
Online via Zoom


The topic  of this first GOTTM will be NFTs and IP.

Richard Lehv will give a talk of about one hour with many interesting US examples. Alexandra Giannopoulou and Andres Guadamuz will share some thoughts from an EU / UK perspective.

All academics and students considering to do research on the topic are invited to participate.


A Global Online Thesis Topic Meeting (GOTTM) is an online meeting (via Zoom) in which one or a few related (undergraduate or graduate) thesis topics are discussed that are particular interesting or popular at the time. A GOTTM is moderated by an academic with some specialised knowledge regarding the topic. One or more academics of practitioners with specialised knowledge introduce the topic and suggest possible research questions regarding. Students from all over the world interested in or already writing a thesis on the topic can then ask their questions and discuss difficulties they encounter in doing research on the topic.

A GOTTM typically lasts one hour and is often conducted in ‘Euro English’, that is simple English easily comprehensible for non- native speakers. Participation is free for students and academics from all over the world.


Every year, all over the world, dozens, if not hundreds (under)graduate students write a thesis on more or less the same topic which is popular at the time. (In the field of intellectual property and unfair competition currently topics such as AI, deepfakes, upload filtering, compulsory licensing, NFT’s, platform liability, content moderation and greenwashing seem for instance to be particularly in demand. In the past downloading from illegal sources, 3D printing and the use IP in ‘second life’ were popular. Soon it will be IP in Metaverse). At a time when all students and academics have (involuntarily) become used to online meetings, it seems an efficient and fun idea to have online meetings where specialists and students can virtually meet and share ideas on the popular thesis topics of the day.


The Global Online Thesis Topic Meeting (GOTTM) is a non-proprietary grass roots initiative from legal academic circles specialised in intellectual property and unfair competition worldwide, loosely connected with ATRIPTLIthe Wittem groupIVIR or Amsterdam.


Global Online Thesis Topic Meetings (GOTTM) will start in spring 2022 and will be held at irregular intervals and at  different times, initiated by participating academics and will be announced through social media and on the internal networks of academic institutions of participating academics.


Free participation.

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