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LTA lunchlezing Tsolin Nalbantian

Wednesday 13 April 2022
Restaurant Faculty Club
Rapenburg 73


Wikipedia in the Classroom?! What We Miss by Viewing Wikipedia with Suspicion


When I tell people that my Comenius Teaching Fellow grant has students writing for Wikipedia, I am often met with trepidation and suspicion. “That’s not ‘real’ research!” But Wikipedia is an ideal medium to get students to engage in participatory learning and gain research, writing, and digital skills. Even better, they transfer their findings to the larger public, making their training more societally relevant. By integrating Wikipedia, the world’s premier open-access encyclopedia, into the training of Leiden University BA and (Res)MA students interested in the Middle East, my Comenius project links university education with society and makes that education more dynamic.

My talk aims to explore how, through the use of open access platforms like Wikipedia, we can adapt learning and teaching strategies beyond the classroom. We will also discuss the need to strengthen the relationship between classroom and society and how to do so, regardless of academic discipline and home institution.

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The Lunch Lectures are initiated by the Leiden Teachers' Academy (LTA) and aim for teaching staff who want to improve their teaching. A vegetarian lunch is available. Registration (till April 8th) is needed for catering purposes. Sign up: azsecretariaat@bb.leidenuniv.nl

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This lunch lecture will be in English.

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