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Conference | Carte Blanche

KHMW, Lorentz Center & NIAS – Carte Blanche Interdisciplinarity

Monday 9 May 2022
KHMW, Hodshon huis
Spaarne 17
2011 CD Haarlem

Join in Haarlem 15:30-17:00

Take part in the discussion on interdisciplinarity using recent case studies to illustrate the topicality!

9 May: Carte Blanche Interdisciplinarity (Dutch spoken)

The Snellius building of Leiden University is named after Rudolph Snel van Royen (Snellius): the Dutch linguist and mathematician who was the first professor of mathematics in Leiden some 440 years ago. But he was also professor of oriental languages: the distinction between what we now call alpha & beta did not or hardly exist at that time.

Whether those days will really return remains to be seen, but the fact is that the gap between alpha/gamma on the one hand and beta/medical on the other has been narrowing in recent years. There is talk of a reconfiguration between alpha, beta and gamma sciences that will not lead to the disappearance of all disciplinary differences, but that does raise numerous questions about what interdisciplinary cooperation between alpha, beta, gamma and medical will mean in the future. 


15.00-15.30 Reception with coffee/tea
15.30 Start of the meeting

  • Introductions from a beta/medical background & from an alpha/gamma background
  • Discussion
  • Recent case studies to illustrate the actuality:
    •  The impact of AI - Prof. Dr. Antal van den Bosch
    •  The coronapandemic - Prof. Dr. Andrea Evers
    •  The climate crisis - Prof. Dr. Jeroen Aerts
  • Discussion

17.00-18.00 Drinks

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