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Opening LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition: Crafting Cultures

Tuesday 31 May 2022
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

Crafting Cultures

Crafts and innovation have always gone hand in hand. Nowadays a global re-evaluation of craft and craftsmanship is clearly noticeable. This is not a nostalgic return to an idealised past. It is a search to achieve a more sustainable society. Crafts can play a central role in different sciences and innovation.

Scholars from various disciplines have dealt with crafts in their research, sometimes as main topic, sometimes accidental. This exhibition shows photographs by researchers – affiliated to LeidenGlobal partners – that relate to the theme of craftsmanship and innovation through craft.


  • Welcome by prof Pieter ter Keurs
  • Crafting Cultures by dr Maikel Kuijpers
  • Traces of Crafts in Prehistory by prof Luc Amkreutz
  • Opening of the Exhibition by dr Maikel Kuijpers
  • Drinks & Bites

The programme starts at 16.30 hours.

About the speakers

Prof Pieter ter Keurs is Chairperson of LeidenGlobal and is initiator of the photo exhibition on Crafting Cultures. Prof. Ter Keurs is also Professor of ‘Museums, Collections and Society’ at the faculties of Archaeology and Humanities of Leiden University, and Scientific Director of the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development.

Dr Maikel Kuijpers has been advisor for this photo exhibition since the start. Dr. Kuijpers is Assistant Professor in European Prehistory at the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University with a broad interest and expertise in craftsmanship, skill, and cognition.

Prof Luc Amkreutz is participant of the photo exhibition with his item ‘Traces of ancient glue’ which he found during his research on Doggerland. Prof. Amkreutz is curator of prehistoric collections at the National Museum of Antiquities and Since April 1st he is Professor by Special Appointment in Public Archaeology at the faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University.

During the opening he will give context information on his photograph in the exhibition.

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