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Panel discussion: Silencing Palestine

  • Adri Nieuwhof
  • Alice Garcia
  • Saif Kassis
  • Gerard Jonkman
  • Wesam Ahmad
Tuesday 24 May 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

On 24 May Students for Palestine – a group of students from Leiden and The Hague – will hold a panel discussion entitled Silencing Palestine in the Wijnhaven building in The Hague. The students want to focus on various aspects of ‘the Palestinian resistance to apartheid and settler-colonialism’. In the meeting, they want to address what they see as the suppression of Palestinian rights ‘as the root cause of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict’. They will also discuss human rights and international humanitarian law. Dina Zbeidy, a Dutch-Palestinian academic, will be the moderator of this panel.

The meeting will consist of a number of short presentations and there will be an opportunity for questions. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting and discuss these topics with the speakers. Registration for this event is required. The language spoken will be English.

The speakers will be:

  • Adri Nieuwhof - Journalist at Electronic Intifada.
  • Alice Garcia - Advocacy and Communication Officer at the European Legal Support Center.
  • Saif Kassis - BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights.
  • Gerard Jonkman - Directeur of The Rights Forum.
  • Wesam Ahmad - Al-Haq Palestinian human rights organisation.
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