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ISGA Research Seminar: Male victims of intimate partner violence and homicide

Monday 27 June 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Common room ISGA, and via Teams (keek op de week link).

About this research seminar

Intimate partner violence is a serious public health issue in Canada and around the world. Until recently, it has mainly been conceptualized as a gendered crime that exclusively affects women despite growing research showing that men are not just perpetrators of partner violence but are victims as well. This presentation discusses the results of the Canadian General Social Survey on Victimization that found comparable rates of abuse victimization among men and women. The international focus groups with male victims of abuse in four countries identified many internal and external barriers that men face when it comes to reporting or disclosing partner abuse. Finally, the findings based on the data from the Statistics Canada’s Homicide Survey for 1991 – 2015 suggest that intimate partner homicide involving male victims is not a unitary phenomenon and requires consideration of different types of homicides. Broadening perspectives on partner homicides involving vulnerable/victimized men may help develop more effective social policies, health care and criminal justice system’s responses to address men’s intimate partner victimization in order to prevent severe violence and homicide.  

About the speaker

Alexandra Lysova is a Criminology Professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver (Canada) and her research interests focus on intimate partner violence, female aggression and male victimization, cross-cultural studies of violent crime, and homicide in Russia and other countries. 

Discussant: Marieke Liem
Marieke Liem is professor of Violence and Interventions at Leiden University, where she and her team coordinate the European Homicide Monitor. Her research interests involve interpersonal violence, with specific research projects on domestic homicide (including intimate partner homicide), homicide by the mentally ill, homicide followed by suicide, the effects of confinement on violent offenders, and international comparative research on lethal violence.

For whom?

The research seminars are open to all levels of seniority  - ranging from PhD candidates to senior professors in order to ensure a vibrant exchange and also feed-back opportunities for all. 

More information

For further information and the teams link, please contact Dr Lydie Cabane.

This is the last seminar of the academic year. We will meet again in September on a weekly basis. Please sign up or contact Lydie Cabane should you wish to present.

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