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I smell a rat

Wednesday 13 July 2022
To be announced

Where to sign up for this workshop is yet to be announced. Keep checking this page regularly for updates.

Smell a Rat is a workshop that is part of a series by artist Lauryn Mannigel that explores the aesthetic and political potential of peoples' body scents. Body scents are the interplay of various smells that constitute a person's olfactory identity.

Smell a Rat challenges the fact that females body scents have a history of particularly negative associations. Participants will critically engage with gender-related perceptions about female body scents in The Netherlands/Leiden through presentations, discussions, and hands-on experiments. With special attention given to the history and current practices of social and cultural norms of female body scents in The Netherlands/Leiden, this workshop sets out to explore the following two questions: How do participants react towards women's body scents? And is it possible to overcome potential prejudice, or even disgust towards body scents, by cultivating curiosity?

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