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Keynote Sustainable Environment by Marja Spierenburg @ESOF

Friday 15 July 2022

Main stage

A sustainable environment is one in which human society and the planet's biosphere can coexist for the long term. This long-term coexistence has been threatened in various ways since the early stages of modern human culture's development, but the situation has only recently come to affect human society as a whole on a global scale. To ensure long-term viability, the United Nations adopted its Sustainable Development Goals as universal public values in 2015.

The objectives concern the quality of the planet's biosphere (including a stable climate, clean water and air, healthy food, enough energy, and diverse biodiversity) as well as human society (including peace, freedom, inclusion, equality, and diversity) as the foundation for a value-driven systems approach to the transition to a sustainable environment.

Programma ESOF

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