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Book launch 'Atlas of our Brain' by Lara Wierenga (in Dutch)

Thursday 29 September 2022
Spui 25
1012XA Amsterdam

Neuroscientist Lara Wierenga and graphic designer Dirma Janse joined their expertise for a unique book project, the Atlas of our Brain. A visual journey through the brain. On 29 September, the book will be launched at SPUI25 in Amsterdam and you will get to know the wondrous machine that is our brain.

A journey of discovery through the brain

Using thirty fascinating questions and hundreds of fascinating illustrations and infographics, Wierenga and Janse take their audience on a graphic voyage of discovery through the human brain. During this book presentation, they show the audience their journey from the very first idea to the final book.

Led by moderator Linde van Schuppen, they will discuss this journey and try to answer the question of how to make visible what you cannot see. They will also provide insight into what knowledge about our brain does to our view of the world: how does that change how we think about ourselves? How does it affect our view of the relationship between men and women? And how does more knowledge about our brain affect, for example, psychiatric practice or education? 

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