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Lecture | Global Questions Seminar

Why is Civilization Unsustainable?

Thursday 3 November 2022
Global Questions Seminar 2022-2023
Pieterskerkhof 6
2311 SR Leiden

Amanda Power is Sullivan Clarendon Professor in History at St. Catherine’s College. She is an historian of religion, power and intellectual life in medieval Europe, and has been involved in developing the field of global medieval history, and new approaches to historical study that speak to the concerns of the mounting climate and environmental crisis.

Power is currently working on a monograph provisionally entitled Medieval Histories of the Anthropocene, which explores questions concerning the relations between religion, power and the construction of public rationality in the building of medieval states across Eurasia.

Global Questions Seminar

The motto of the Institute for History’s research programme is ‘Global Questions, Local Sources’. Across all areas and time periods, researchers of the Institute focus on important processes such as migration, colonialism, urbanization, and identity formation.

The ‘Global Questions Seminar’, for which we invite distinguished international colleagues to discuss the interplay between global and local issues from the past, brings all staff members of the Institute together.

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