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Have your say on the quality of our teaching (in English)

Tuesday 8 November 2022
Room 3.54

This autumn the Strategy and Academic Affairs Directorate (SAZ) and Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON) are holding a third series of University-wide lecturer panel discussions on teaching quality and lecturer development. 

Aim of the panel discussions

The aim of these panel discussions with lecturers is to get a better idea of what lecturers think about the developments and improvements to the University’s teaching.

This year we will focus on the themes:
-    Blended learning: What is your ideal mix? What do you need to use this effectively?
-    Teacher Support Desk and lecturer support: What do you think about the support you receive?
-    Community building and sharing expertise in teaching: how do you go about this?

What do you need? Where should the focus lie?

We will use the discussion results to evaluate and improve our education policy, particularly regarding lecturer development and support. The teacher support desks in the faculties have already used many of the suggestions. The Executive Board will receive a general report on the discussions.

Different sessions

•    Monday 7 November from 13.00 to 15.00 hrs., Willem Einthoven building, room A2.03 (working language: Dutch)
•    Tuesday 8 November from 13.00 to 15.00 hrs., Wijnhaven, room 3.54 (working language: English)
•    Wednesday 16 November 10.00 to 12.00 hrs., Willem Einthoven building, room A2.03 (working language: Dutch)
If lecturers are present who speak other languages, they can always answer in English.

Focus of the discussions

In the panel discussions, we will talk about good teaching with a group of lecturers from different faculties.
•    What do you need to develop and provide good teaching?
•    What for you is the ideal blended learning environment and how can the University support this?
•    What do lecturers think of the teaching support in general? What is good and what could be better?
•    We will also focus on sharing teaching expertise. Past panel discussions have shown that lecturers mainly learn a lot from one another. How do you go about this? What do you need? What should this focus on?
•    Do you need support or training in other areas?



If you would like to participate in the panel discussions, please sign up. We are looking for lecturers who teach at all levels but do not have management duties.  We are very aware that a lot is already asked of lecturers. So if it doesn't work out, we understand that too. You can apply until 31 October.

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