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Social Resilience & Security seminar series: The use of neuropsychological information and virtual reality within forensic psychiatry

Tuesday 15 November 2022

In this talk, Dr. Jochem Jansen will present several ongoing projects within forensic psychiatry pertaining virtual reality and the use of neuropsychological information.

These projects include:

  • The use of information about acquired brain damage
  • The use of virtual reality for authorized leave
  • The integration of psychosocial and neurobiological information in risk assessment and personalized treatment decisions, as well as in decision making about the application of adolescent criminal law

Learn more during the online seminar

The seminar ''The use of neuropsychological information and virtual reality within forensic psychiatry'' given by Jochem Jansen (Assistant Professor at the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology) can be joined online via the Zoom link below.

Social Resilience & Security seminar series

This hybrid seminar series is organized by researchers from the Social Resilience and Security programme. The programme brings together experts from Leiden University and the LUMC, including but not limited to the Faculties of Archaeology, Governance and Global Affairs, Humanities, Law and Social and Behavioural Sciences. Together with a large network of international experts, the programme seeks to examine the mechanisms of social resilience and security, for instance through studying the processes of resilience, uncertainty, and violence in society.

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