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IBL Spotlights - Development & Disease

Thursday 8 December 2022
IBL Spotlights
Sylvius building, room 1.5.31

This edition will be hosted on December the 8th at 15.30 by Development and Disease. The meeting will take place at the Sylvius building in the big lecture room (1.5.31). After the lectures, you are all invited to the reception on the first floor of the Sylvius!


Prof. Dr. Marianna Kruithof-de Julio - Head of the Urological Research Laboratory, University of Bern

Title: Bladder cancer organoids as a functional system to model different disease stages and therapy response

Bladder Cancer (BLCa) inter-patient heterogeneity is considered the primary cause of tumor reoccurrence and treatment failure, suggesting that BLCa patients could benefit from a more personalized treatment approach. Patient-derived organoids (PDOs) have been successfully used as a functional model for predicting drug response in different cancer types. In our study, we established BLCa PDO cultures from different BLCa stages. BLCa PDOs preserve the histological and molecular heterogeneity of the parental tumors, including their multiclonal genetic landscapes. BLCa PDOs consistently share key genetic alterations detected in parental tumors, mirroring tumor evolution in longitudinal sampling. Our drug screening pipeline was implemented using BLCa PDOs, testing both standard-of-care and additional FDA-approved compounds for other solid tumors. Integrative analysis of drug response profiles with matched PDO genomic analysis was used to determine enrichment thresholds for candidate markers of therapy resistance and sensitivity. By assessing the clinical history of longitudinally sampled cases, the clonal evolution of the disease could be determined and matched with drug response profiles. In conclusion, we have developed a clinically relevant pipeline for drug response profile assessment and discovery of candidate markers of therapy resistance.

Dr. Joost Willemse – Leiden University
Title:  Visualizing your research at the IBL

Reception on the first floor of the Sylvius Building

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