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The Netherlands in a world filled with global transformations

  • Bert Koenders
  • Hans Schraders
  • Herman Poos
  • Rosalba Icaza
  • Elianne Wijnands
Tuesday 6 December 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511DP The Hague
Spanish Stairs

What will the Netherlands look like in 2030 surrounded by large scale global transformations? What are our expectations for a future Dutch society? The recently published book: ‘Er onstaat een ander Nederland. Van Welvaart naar welzijn’ was a good reason for The Global Transformations and Governance Challenges programme to organise a public discussion with students from Leiden University.

Together with the authors Hans Schraders and Herman Poos, we will be discussing the impact that far reaching global changes surrounding, for instance, climate, migration, economics, and digitalisation will have on the Netherlands. The intensity and multitude of transformations require new, innovative, and sustainable approaches. We will be addressing these issues with our students.

About the speakers

  • Hans Schraders is trustee of a number of public and private organisations. He was part of the management team at, among others, L’Oreal and Bols Nederland. As CEO for Gall & Gall, he implemented a number of drastic changes. At the end of last century, Schraders had been working at Boer & Croon for 15 years. As interim CEO, he was responsible for innovative organisational changes at various organisations, such as: Lotto, Eye Film Museum, RAI, Vattenfall, and the Municipality of Amsterdam.
    Hans Schraders is the author of the books ‘Accountmanagement’ and ‘Detaillistenmarketing’ that were published by Samson. In 2017, he wrote the inspirational book ‘Onderweg naar morgen’ with his eleven best friends. He also published a number of opinion articles in Dutch newspaper Het Parool and a large number of journals. Hans also worked as consultant for various organisations such as the FBO, the employers’ organisation for professional soccer in the Netherlands.
  • Herman Poos started out as soccer journalist. On behalf of Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, he reported on important soccer events, such as the WC, the EC and Europe Cup finals. He then became soccer entrepreneur. First in the United States with Ultimate Soccer America, and later in this country with Goalmaster. Following that, he was responsible for the communications of the Dutch soccer association KNVB for almost ten years. The next ten years, he was working at Syntens. As innovations promotor, he created the MKB Innovatie Top 100. Next, he worked as an innovation coach at Koppert Cress, winner of the Koning Willem 1 Prijs and Agrarisch Ondernemer van het Jaar. Since the pandemic, he has been facilitating publications, blogs and books. As social entrepreneur, he is also an advocate for the Positieve Gezondheid movement and the principles of the Blue Zones.
  • Professor Rosalba Icaza works as Professor Global Politics, Gender, and Diversity at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focusses on the intersection between Global Politics, Feminism, and Decoloniality, with special attention for endemic social resistance and its contribution to global epistemic justice. You can find more information here.
  • Elianne Wijnands is alumna of Leiden University and council member Students for Leiden since March 2022. In this position, she is responsible for the Committees Livability and Accessibility & Education and Society. In particular, she is committed to a more ambitious climate policy and a healthy and sustainable living environment for Leiden citizens of today and tomorrow.

More information on The Global Transformations and Governance Challenges programme

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