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Disability Support System workshop

Tuesday 24 January 2023
Online workshop. The event link will be sent out four days in advance.

The Faculty of Humanities Leiden has been made aware of concerns about the unclarity of support services for staff members with a disability, and we take this very seriously. The definition of disability is broad and includes (but is not limited to) physical and mental impairments, chronic illnesses, cognitive impairments, sensory impairments, and neurodivergence. It is time to take concrete steps to improve these services so that we create a more inclusive work environment where all staff members feel understood, seen, empowered, and supported.

The Diversity and Inclusion Office firmly believes in the statement “nothing about us without us”. We cannot and should not implement policy reform without consulting those affected by it. In collaboration with Accessible Academia, the Neurodiversity Platform, and the Academic Director of the Institute for Philosophy Prof.dr. Douglas Berger, we are organising an online workshop on 24 January from 3pm-5pm (CET) for disabled staff members who wish to provide input on how our Faculty can become more inclusive and accessible. This is not an attempt to exhibit diversity or to single-out members of this group. Instead, we want to provide a constructive dialogue and a safe space to voice concerns, wishes, and demands, as well share experiences. Only then can we write an informed report, develop a central guideline for disability support services, and implement policy change.

It is important to clarify how a safe space will be created and preserved:

-  We use fictional case studies based on your signalled interests in the registration form so that participants can choose between making their input personal or more abstract for privacy reasons. 
-  Each break-out room has an assigned experience expert functioning as a neutral and compassionate discussion leader who safeguards the constructive dialogue. After the break-out rooms, a reflection discussion chaired by Professor Berger takes place. 
-  Privacy:

  • The notes taken during the reflection discussion shall not mention names or personal details that reveal one’s identity; only the recurring issues that need improvement and possible strategies to tackle these.
  • The online workshop will not be recorded.

You can register for the meeting by clicking on the link below, or click on this form. Please let us know your accommodation needs so we can ensure a fully accessible online event.

Register for the meeting

Go to the form

Please contact divers-inclusief@hum.leidenuniv.nl for any questions or further information.

For now, we look forward to meeting you.

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