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Meijers Lecture & Meijers Awards Ceremony

Tuesday 10 January 2023
Steenschuur 25
A.144, Lorentzzaal

The programme of the Meijers Lecture and the Meijers Awards Ceremony is as follows:

15.00: Introduction by Stefaan Van den Bogaert of this year’s Meijers Lecture by

Tirza Cramwinckel

15.45: Meijers Award Ceremony

16.00: Van Wersch Sprinkplank Award Ceremony

16.30: New Year’s reception at the KOG restaurant

Meijers Lecture Tirza Cramwinckel (in Dutch)

‘The law, information and the petrol station: The legal perspective and the civilian perspective in terms of trust’

Most citizens do not read legal texts but turn to agencies charged with executing the legislation, such as the Tax Revenue Service, for information. Problems arise when this information is later found to be incorrect. Should citizens be able to rely on this information? The civilian perspective, in which information provision is a form of inherent trustworthy communication between the government and its citizens (‘yes, of course’), knows a completely different starting point than the legal perspective (‘no, unless’), in which the information provided is merely a ‘translation’ of a legal text. The conceptualisation of the legal and societal tension field between both perspectives, as well as the quest to find solutions, make up the recurring theme of the Meijers Lecture.

Tirza Cramwinckel obtained her doctoral degree, cum laude, on 12 October 2022 at Leiden University for her multidisciplinary thesis:Voorlichting door de Belastingdienst in rechtsstatelijke context. Een juridisch en communicatiewetenschappelijk onderzoek naar gewekt vertrouwen.

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