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Our Digital Future 2023

Thursday 26 January 2023
Breestraat 60
2311 CS Leiden

Accelerating the digital transformation by collectively sharing knowledge and skills

The second Our Digital Future inspiration day is approaching! For the 2023 edition, we are joining forces with our Leiden partners Hogeschool Leiden (University of Applied Sciences Leiden), LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center) and Naturalis Biodiversity Center. We warmly invite you to join us in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden for a day full of encounters and dynamic presentations by and for ICT staff, functional managers and information managers.

What digital challenges are we facing, now and in the near future? What possibilities and potential are at our fingertips thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, big data, business analytics, and innovations in education, research and operational management?

How does Leiden University (LEI) contribute to (international) digital platforms? What is needed to build one’s own data distribution and data integration platform? How do we work responsibly with research data? 

And what are our Leiden partners doing to realise their digital plans? What can we learn from one another? Our partners will be joining us to exchange experiences and ideas with us.

At Our Digital Future 2023, you can meet with your co-workers in the field of higher education in Leiden to learn about what it is that they are involved in, in terms of digitisation.

Brenno de Winter – keynote speaker

Brenno de Winter is an expert in ICT, security and privacy. In 2011 he was elected journalist of the year, following his revelations of the weaknesses and deficiencies of the public transport chip card and the poor security of government websites. In his work, he focuses mainly on cyber security, data security breaches and open data. He was involved in the development of the Covid-19 app in the Netherlands. He is the author of Survivalgids voor de digitale jungleDigitale stormvloed and De Rode Hack, among others.

“TEDx’’ / “Pecha Kucha’’ presentations

The rest of the day will consist of 11 very rapid and highly engaging presentations in “TEDx”/“Pecha Kucha” style, lasting 10 minutes at maximum. The speakers are all from the field and work at Leiden University, Hogeschool Leiden, LUMC and Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Information market

Alternating with the various presentations, the institutes behind the speakers will display what they do at an information market. At this market, there will be ample opportunity to get to know your colleagues and other participants, and talk more with the “TEDx” speakers. At the market you can discover who or what inspires you, or who you would like to work with.



Welcome by moderator Erik Geraads (ICT Shared Service Centre LEI) 
Opening by Martijn Ridderbos (Vice-Chair of the Executive Board LEI), Joop van der Born (Director ISSC LEI), Arzu Yücel (Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum), Wouter Zwaan (Hogeschool Leiden/University of Applied Sciences Leiden) and Dimitris Koureas (Naturalis Biodiversity Center). 

Keynote: Brenno de Winter   

“TEDx” presentations alternated with information market sessions:

  • 10:50-11:00
    Michelle Olmstead (LEI: Leiden Learning and Innovation Centre)
    “Innovation lifecycle”  
  • 11:05-11:15
    Laura Zondervan en Patrick Klaassen (LEI: Administration and Central Services)
    “Who you gonna call…… Informatiemanagement”
  • 11:20-11:55
    Information market and coffee/tea
  • 12:00-12:10
    Kurt De Belder (LEI: University Libraries)
    “International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)”  
  • 12:15-12:25
    Alexander van Someren (LUMC: IT& DI)
    “CAIRELab: implementatie van kunstmatige intelligentie in het ziekenhuis”
  • 12:30-12:40
    Elaine van Ommen Kloeke (Naturalis Biodiversity Center)
    “ARISE - Digitale services voor biodiversiteit”
  • 12:45-13:40
    Information market and buffet lunch
  • 13:45-13:55
    René Slootweg (Hogeschool Leiden: Business Data Analysis)
    “Data-integratieplatform Information FrameWork”
  • 14:00-14:10
    Arzu Sahin (LEI: Student and Education Affairs)
    “No chain no gain - Van applicatiegericht naar procesgericht samenwerken in de keten van onderwijsondersteuning”
  • 14:15-14:25
    Jacko Koster (LEI: Research ICT Competence Centre)
    “Research Data, Research Software and Research ICT support at Leiden University”  
  • 14:30-15:10
    Information market and coffee/tea
  • 15:15-15:25
    Annette Emerenciana (LEI: Administratief Shared Service Centre)
    “Artificial intelligence (AI) binnen de bedrijfsvoering”
  • 15:30-15:40
    Ferdinand Harmsen (LEI: Humanities) and Nathalie Doorenweerd (LUMC: Radiology and Pharmacy)
    “e-Portfolio: voorbij de vakken, voorbij de opleiding”
  • 15:45-15:55
    Armin Halilovic en Max van Arnhem (LEI: Social & Behavioural Sciences and Humanities)
    “Privacy Office”





This day is intended for support staff of Hogeschool Leiden, the LUMC, Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Leiden University involved in ICT, information emanagement and functional management. Are you interested in and professionally involved in digitisation, automation and data management? You are warmly welcome. Let the day inspire you and strike up a conversation with each other!

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