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Lecture | China Seminar

A Global South Divided: Rising Powers in International Environmental Politics

Wednesday 8 March 2023
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden


This book manuscript identifies the emerging divergence between rising powers in global environmental politics. Large developing countries are now at the center of global environmental negotiations. Rather than bargaining collectively against the global North, as many would assume, these countries are growing apart from one another, and their divergence has split the rest of the developing world behind them. This book focuses on two rising powers --China and India -- and examines their growing divergence on environmental diplomacy. I propose an analytical framework based on identity/legitimacy, developmental strategy, and political institutions. Empirical chapters study this divergence from legally-binding and voluntary multilateral environmental agreements as well as climate-related foreign policy initiatives. This presentation will focus on the analytical framework and its explanatory power on the three empirical cases.

About the speaker

Shiming Yang is a University Lecturer in Global Political Economy of China at the Institute for Area Studies. She also works at Global Transformations and Governance Challenge Programme (GTGC) at Leiden University. She received her PhD in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Southern California (USC). She studies environmental politics and international political economy with an emphasis on developing countries.

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