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Open Science Coffee: ChatGPT in science: academic (dis)honesty or better science?

Thursday 23 March 2023

OSCoffee: ChatGPT in science: academic (dis)honesty or better science?

In this OSCoffee, Bob Siegerink will talk about the role of Large Language Models (LLMs, used by chatbot chatGPT) in science. This paper will serve as the starting point for a discussion on the emerging norms surrounding the use of LLMs in science. We will consider various aspects such as learning through writing, authorship, detecting LLM-generated text, and the openness of methods. Community input will be gathered for potential new scientific projects, as well as policy development at the LUMC/university.

All perspectives welcome, no prior experience or expert knowledge required. Reading the paper will enrich the discussion, but is not needed.

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