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ISGA Research Seminar: The Keys to Democracy - Sortition as a New Model for Citizen Power

  • Hugh Pope
Monday 13 March 2023
ISGA Research Seminar Series 2023
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Common room ISGA, and via Teams (keek op de week link).

About this research seminar

Is there a common-sense alternative to our often dysfunctional system of public decision-making by elected politicians?  

For the ancient Greeks, the answer was obvious. Elections always produce oligarchies, they thought, while democracy, or people power, could only mean ordinary citizens randomly selected to meet, inform themselves and propose solutions. This is called sortition, or democracy by lot, an idea that has caught on again in the past decade. More than 600 citizens' assemblies in dozens of countries have tackled tricky public problems like the climate, abortion and same-sex marriage. 

About the speaker

Hugh Pope is a writer. Currently he is editing his late father's book on renewing democracy by adding sortition.
Author Dining with al-Qaeda, Sons of the Conquerors, co-author Turkey Unveiled.

For whom?

The research seminars are open to all levels of seniority  - ranging from PhD candidates to senior professors in order to ensure a vibrant exchange and also feed-back opportunities for all. 

More information

For further information and the teams link, please contact Dr Lydie Cabane.

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