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Different dimensions of openness in open science practices. The importance of collaboration for societal goals

  • Valeria Arza
Friday 28 April 2023

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Open science implies to create more and better opportunities to share research. This means both, to share insights by enhancing different aspects of collaboration throughout the research cycle and to promote access and accessibility to research data, outputs and tools. In practice, one finds a full lot of mixed forms of openness in research practices. In the literature, benefits of open science range from research efficiency and quality (transparency) to responsiveness in addressing societal goals. Actual benefits may depend on the specific characteristics of openness in different projects. So far, open science policies have mostly focussed –with some exceptions- on adapting and adopting standards to regulate open access. Much less has been done to promote intra, inter and transdisciplinary collaboration, even though knowledge diversity is key to address complexity. In turn, international collaboration among countries from different geographies and level of development is not truly sought either, despite the importance of contextual knowledge in addressing global goals. This talk aims to emphasise the need to better balance access and collaboration in policy making for open science.

UNESCO Recommendations on Open Science
UNESCO Recommendations on Open Science


Valeria Arza is a principal researcher at CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council - Argentina) with a workplace at CENIT (Research Centre for Transformation), National University of San Martin. She has a degree in Economics (Buenos Aires University) a Master in Development (London School of Economics) and a PhD in Studies of Science and Technology Policy (SPRU, Sussex University). In 2021 she won the Houssay prize in the Social Sciences, which is the highest award granted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina. Her research agenda is in the area of science, technology and innovation policies studies and her current projects are on open and citizen science for societal goals. She is a member of the Open and Citizens Science Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation MINCYT (Argentina)

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