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Intimate Legal Interactions Meeting: Legitimacy as lens to study the governance of global citizenship education

Wednesday 17 May 2023
Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden

In our next Intimate Legal Interactions session, we will be reading the draft chapter of Chrisje Sandelowsky ‘Legitimacy as lens to study the governance of global citizenship education’. The idea of global citizenship has been around for ages in the minority world. The idea was in the past tied to challenges related to bounded societies (e.g. living in the polis, the state or an empire). That changed in the second half of the twentieth century. People nowadays actually consider themselves living on a world scale. Societies burst out of their seams into the wider world. With that development came global challenges such as “global warming” and “global health,” asking for global solutions which is why global governance emerged. In 2012 former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon promoted the idea of global citizenship education. He listed “fostering global citizenship” as one of the three main priorities of his Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) to transform education globally. GEFI prompted the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote global citizenship education. By adopting the Sustainable Development Goals, UN Member States also committed to foster global citizenship education.

The goal of global citizenship education is ambitious. For such a large-scale social mobilisation act, legitimacy from the perspective of all those people who have to make this mobilisation a reality is crucial. This all leads to the following research question, which is part of the Global Citizenship Education in the Netherlands research project: To what extent is the governance of global citizenship education (de)legitimised in Dutch society?  In the framework of her research, Chrisje Sandelowsky’s will share a draft chapter of her dissertation with us on the 10th of May. In her chapter she aims to answer the question: how can the concept of legitimacy be used to study the effectiveness of the governance of global citizenship education in Dutch society?

To make the most of our discussion, we ask that all participants read Chrisje’s draft chapter before our meeting on May 17. Once you register, the draft chapter will be circulated on the 10th of May.

Meeting details

Drinks afterwards

In person: Leiden Law School,  B1.M07

Online: Zoom Meeting

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