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PhD Supervision Excellence Training for Academic Staff

Monday 5 June 2023 - Friday 9 June 2023

Discussing Supervision in Higher Education can be a challenge as much as a fundamental process to understand and be adequate to the new profile of students and a more globalized world. Come to be part of this week, entirely dedicated to understanding, collectively, different types and models of supervision, sharing best practices and pedagogical methodologies, discussing career development support, well-being, mental health, and more.

The Training is organised under the auspices of the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project E-NOTE and will be hosted by the University Coimbra in cooperation with the Charles University, Leiden University, and University of Copenhagen.

Innovative and effective practices

The focus of the training will be on innovative and effective practices for training supervision excellence in higher education. The event is organised to benefit university management staff, higher education learning and development professionals and teaching staff participating in PhD supervision.


Apply by 25 May 2023 (midnight, 24:00 CEST) through this online form. Applicants can expect a response with regards to their application within 5 days (by 30 May 2023).

Selection criteria:
Candidates will be selected based on their professional background and motivation to participate to the event to ensure a diverse group of participants. Participants who followed at least one complete day of training will receive an attendance certificate.

Learning objectives

The first day of the programme starts with a roundtable to discuss current and future trends on doctoral supervision, during which participants are expected to share their own reflections. In the afternoon, there is a session on different types of supervisors and an interactive discussion on challenges and implications of these different strategies.

The second day includes a workshop on pedagogical methodologies of doctoral supervision in which participants are expected to engage with their own experiences and ideas. In the afternoon, there is a roundtable with current supervisors and doctoral researchers from different institutions and countries, so experiences, perceptions and practices can be shared and compared.

The third day is dedicated to supporting career development and it starts with a discussion on how universities should prepare doctoral researchers for their future career. In the afternoon, the discussion continues on what skills employers expect, followed by what doctoral researchers expect from their universities on this matter.

The fourth day is focused on mental health and well-being of both supervisors and doctoral researchers. It starts on a discussion regarding the support structure that should exist to foster and protect well-being, inclusion, diversity and equal access, followed by a session dedicated to mental health and doctoral supervision. In the afternoon, the discussion centres on how to spot and prevent burnout amongst doctoral candidates and supervisors.

The fifth day ends with a reflection on how to train supervisors, their expectations and needs. In the afternoon, the weeklong training ends with a workshop on how to teach and practice ‘feedback and dialogue’.

European Network on Teaching Excellence

The European Network on Teaching Excellence (E-NOTE) is a project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership framework. The project brings together university managers, teaching faculty, support staff, PhD supervisors, students and education experts to advance exchanges and best practices in relation to 'teaching excellence'. The project examines 'teaching excellence' at undergraduate and graduate teaching levels as well as in the context of PhD supervision. In addition, the project addresses core issues related to teaching excellence in the post-Covid19 context, including best practices in physical, online and hybrid teaching realms. E-NOTE will organize trainings and workshops, will release a wide range of reports and seeks to prepare a blueprint for a European Certificate of Teaching Excellence (ECTE).

You can learn more about the European Network on Teaching Excellence on the website as well and follow us on Twitter.

E-NOTE website

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