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Inspiration sessions Empirics and legal education

Thursday 24 August 2023
Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden

Gitta Veldt (Assistant Professor Private Law) and Rowie Stolk (lecturer in State and Administrative Law) have organised three inspiration sessions on 'Empirics and legal education', intended for legal teachers who would like to integrate empirical-legal data and/or skills in their teaching. This afternoon is also to support the formation of ideas in the context of the Kernvisie Juridisch Bacheloronderwijs. Much or little experience, doctrinal lawyer or empirically trained; every teacher is welcome! Please register via this form. You can also choose to attend only one session.


Session 1: Empirical-legal theses and graduation assignments

How can empirical legal research be reflected in legal theses and final assignments and be of added value? What opportunities, challenges and limitations are there when writing and assessing empirical-legal graduation projects? Different variants and experiences will be considered.

Session 2: Empirical-legal skills in legal subjects

What experiences have already been gained with teaching empirical-legal skills and integrating empirical-legal insights into the teaching materials? What should you pay attention to when, as a teacher, you bridge the gap from substantive law to other disciplines or train students in empirical-legal methods? Be inspired by examples from the faculty, including those from Michael Klos (Jurisprudence), Elody Hutten (Tax Law) and Niek Strohmaier (Business Studies).

Session 3: Speed ​​dating between jurists and empiricists – Empirical-legal and interdisciplinary examples in a substantive law context

Explore in an accessible and safe way with colleagues from other disciplines how empirical-legal insights or examples from other disciplines can enrich the substantive law curriculum and be surprised!

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