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Daniel Pauly: The Human Appropriation of the Earth and the Oceans

Saturday 2 September 2023
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre
Darwinweg 2
2333 CR Leiden

How did humans transform the planet in the past millennia and how did this process accelerate in the recent past? How is the human impact on the world’s oceans different from the devastation of terrestrial ecosystems and can we still change the course we are currently in?

World-renowned marine and fisheries biologist Daniel Pauly (University of British Columbia/Vancouver) will address these question during a public talk in Naturalis. Pauly, described as “The Ocean’s Whistleblower” by his biographer David Gremillet, is one of the leading experts on oceanic ecosystems and the threats imposed on them by humans. His work was awarded with more than 30 international prizes, including the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, and he has been named one of the 50 most important scientists by the Scientific American. Daniel Pauly will visit Europe to address the European Parliament about overfishing and combine his trip with a short stay in Leiden

The lecture is free but registration is appreciated

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