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Participate and create in the ELS Atelier

Friday 15 September 2023
Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden

A course for legal scholars who want to learn about empirical research.

For whom?
The ELS Atelier is part of the PhD Training Programme, but is open to all researchers and teaching staff at Leiden Law School.

We start on Friday 15 September with an orientation session (15:00-17:00) in B025, with no obligation to attend the full course.

Lectures and workshops to be held throughout academic year 2023-2024. You can opt to attend only the lectures. Come to the orientation session to find out if this is a course for you. You can also register for the course now using this form.


Please send any questions you may have to elslab@law.leidenuniv.nl

Course outline

An increasing amount of empirical research is being conducted in the field of law and there is also growing interest at our faculty in relation to this type of research. Last year, around 40 colleagues took part in the ELS Atelier. Perhaps, like them, you’re interested in empirical research on legal issues? And maybe you’re willing to give it a try, but not sure where to start? Or do you already have some knowledge and skills in the field of empirical research and want to take the next step, for instance learn to publish this type of research? Then the ELS Atelier is for you!

The ELS Atelier is a course that is open to all staff at Leiden Law School who are interested in the fascinating world of empirical law. Perhaps you would like to conduct empirical legal research yourself. Or perhaps you're a PhD supervisor who wants to improve supervision of a thesis that is based (partly) on empirical research. Or you might be a lecturer who wants to incorporate empirical evidence and skills in your course? In all these cases, the ELS Atelier can offer insights and tools necessary to achieve your goals.

The empirical legal research cycle starts by formulating a research question. After designing the research and collecting data, you then proceed to writing an empirical legal article. By participating in the ELS Atelier you will learn how to go through this process under the supervision of a lecturer who is an expert in the field of the method you have chosen to use. Separate trajectories are offered for the following methods:

  • Interviews
  • Survey
  • Experiment

The ELS Atelier is particularly suitable for acquiring skills to help set up and conduct your own research project. The course comprises lectures and workshops – in the real sense of the word – where, in small groups with fellow legal scholars, you will actively set to work with your own research project. It is also possible to only attend the lectures. This could be a good option if you don’t have your own research project, but are keen to gain basic knowledge about empirical research. The sessions will be held throughout the academic year 2023-2024.


Interested in the ELS Atelier? Come to the orientation session on 15 September to find out more. Of course, you can also already register now for the ELS Atelier using this form.

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