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PhD defence

Pedagogy in Literary ‘Postcards’: João do Rio in São Paulo (1905-1915)

  • A.P. Cardozo de Souza
Tuesday 19 September 2023
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


  • Prof.dr. F.W.A. Korsten
  • dr. S.L.A. Brandellero


Between 1905 and 1915, the Brazilian writer João do Rio (1881-1921) worked regularly for the Correio Paulistano newspaper, extinct nowadays but hugely influential at the time. This research has uncovered 178 texts published in the Correio, which encompass several literary genres. Besides bringing to light the unexplored texts published in São Paulo, this thesis offers an alternative path of analysis, investigating the educational or even didactical character of those writings and the striking comparisons between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. I also argue that the postcard medium can function as an analogy for Do Rio’s texts published in São Paulo. Their pictorial character appeals to a depiction of not only the beauty of Rio de Janeiro but also to the peculiar, and even exotic, characteristics of the city. The author sends these textual snapshots from one city to another, helping create images not only of Rio de Janeiro in the mind of readers, but, by contrast, of São Paulo itself.

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