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Sustainability Series: Save the planet whilst doing what you love

  • Dr. Rosa van den Berg (Medical Delta, Klimaatburgemeester Leiden)
Thursday 21 September 2023
Langegracht 70
2312NV Leiden
The spotlight

We are very excited to announce our Sustainability Series for 2023-2024. Each month an interactive workshop will be organised that discusses a specific theme of sustainability.

This month the lecture is about: Saving the planet whilst doing what you love.

“What can I do to contribute to a more sustainable future?” Speaker Dr. Rosa van den Berg, asked herself when the gravity of the climate crisis hit her. It turned out the answer to her initial question was: a lot more than you think! In the past four years, she has set up various sustainability programs in healthcare. Moreover, in 2022 she became climate mayor of Leiden, raising awareness in her own community.

In this session, Dr. Rosa van den Berg will share how the medical domain and the practice of doing research are intertwined with sustainability. And along the way, what she learned on taking action for sustainability in a way that is empowering and positive. After this session, she hopes you are inspired to find out your own sweet spot between doing what you love, what you are good at and what the world needs.

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