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Healthy University Week 2023

Monday 23 October 2023 - Friday 27 October 2023
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Perhaps you already cycle to work, use the stairs more often, eat a healthy lunch or take a walk with a colleague during the lunch break. Then you’re already doing great work on your health! But it’s possible to do even more, and Leiden University wants to help you with this! This year’s Healthy University Week runs from 23 to 27 October and we’re offering a wide variety of free workshops, group classes and inspiration sessions, designed to help us create a healthy living environment.

Programme and registration

All the activities are free of charge. Click on the activity of your choice to access the registration form. You can sign up until 16.00 hours on one day before the activity takes place. For activities on Monday 23 October, the deadline to sign up is Friday 20 October 16.00 hours.

Date and time




Mon 23 Oct


More Movement Moments (EN)

Not getting enough exercise? In this workshop you will learn how to schedule more movement moments during the working day. So get moving and sign up now!


Pieter de la Court SA15

11.00 -11.45

Thriving Amidst Overwork (EN)
Are you experiencing work stress? Can you combine relaxation with your work? In this workshop you will learn a number of techniques that can be applied in daily life and are good for your awareness and self-reflection.

Pieter de la Court SA35


Office Workout (NL and EN)

Is spending long hours at your desk affecting your vitality? Then it’s time to give your working day a boost with this Office Workout! Join a dynamic session designed to pep up your body and raise your productivity to new heights.




Mentaal en fysiek in balans voor leidinggevenden (‘mental and physical balance for managers’)  (NL)

How do you recognise the mental and physical health of your staff members? You will work with the Positive Health spider web, helping you to recognise signs or symptoms in your staff at an early stage.




Lights out! Work on your sleep quality (EN)

Do you want to sleep better? You will take a short quiz to test what you already know. It’s important because (good) sleep has a big effect on our daily life. And on the other hand, we should also think about our screen time. In this workshop you will further develop your own ‘sleep goal’.


Pieter de la Court SA21


AlcohoLess – Every Drink Counts (EN)

We often use alcohol for short-term enjoyment. But did you know that drinking alcohol has consequences in the long term? In this workshop we will work together on listing all its pros and cons. You will also learn some tips on how to cut down on alcohol.


Pieter de la Court 0A 28

16.00 – 17.00

Tennis (NL and EN)

Tennis is a fun and versatile sport. What do you want to work on? Sprinting fast to get the ball, jumping high, a powerful backhand or the perfect serve? In this clinic you will receive valuable tips and tricks from an experienced coach. Sign up on your own or with colleagues!



Goliuspad 19

Tue 24 Oct

8.00 – 8.30

Vinyasa Yoga (NL and EN)

Vinyasa Yoga helps you to find balance and depth by linking your breathing with yoga postures. You will strengthen your muscles with dynamic postures and also gain a sense of calmness through the conscious breathing. No previous experience with yoga is required.



9.00 – 11.00

Ongehinderd Gastvrij (‘unhindered welcoming’)  (NL)

This workshop focuses on being welcoming and accessible for everyone, with or without a disability. You will look for answers to such questions as: What can I do in order to offer an accessible and inclusive work environment? What does that mean for our language, behaviour, introduction rounds, presentations? Where is the boundary between being welcoming and being patronising?


Huizinga 0.06


Nourish Your Life: Healthy Eating and Meal Preparation (EN)

Do you make healthy choices about eating and drinking? Do you know how to prepare a nutritious meal? In this workshop you will learn everything about healthy eating and how to apply it within your own lifestyle.


Pieter de la Court SA 15


Mentaal en Fysiek in balans voor medewerkers (‘mental and physical balance for staff members’) (NL)

Would you like to protect yourself against uncertainties and changes? Do you want to develop a better balance in your life? In this workshop you will work with Positive Health and discover your own strengths!


Observatory C0.02


Club Power (NL and EN)

During this class you will use a barbell with weights. It’s suitable for everyone! The weights will only be as heavy as you choose. This activity is ideal for efficiently training your whole body.


The Buzz The Hague

Wed 25 Oct

8.00 – 8.30

Dancemix (NL and EN)

In this Dancemix workshop we use entrancing Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow movements to create a dynamic dance hour that will blow you away! Are you a dance fan? Then this is an ideal workshop for you!




Krachttraining voor je brein (‘strength training for your brain’) (NL)

In this inspiration session you will do fun, playful exercises in the form of “brain teasers” to gain insight into how your brain works. You will also engage in relaxation exercises that you can do at any time, even during the working day.


Kamerlingh Onnes B0.17

16.00 – 17.00

Self-defence (NL and EN)

Would you like to feel safer in a threatening situation? In this class you will learn, for example, how to stand up for yourself, set boundaries and say no. You will also practise with breakaway techniques, body weapons, your body posture, the impression you make and using your voice.


Kamerlingh Onnes B0.35

Thu 26 Oct

8.00 – 9.00

Breathwork (NL and EN)

Breathwork is a form of active meditation, which creates more calmness and space in your mind. Meditation often involves sitting still, in contrast to breathwork, where you engage in active breathing. This is an ideal way to come back to yourself.



Stand up and move (EN)

How much time do you spend sitting down at work? In this workshop you will work on a plan to reduce your sitting time and introduce more movement breaks. This can help you to improve your concentration and health in the long term!


Pieter de la Court 0B 06

12.00 – 12.45

Health Nuts (EN)

This workshop focuses on the discussion about healthy eating. What are your experiences? What can you do yourself? And as well as talking, you can also do some tasting: we will have prepared a variety of delicious snacks for you!


Pieter de la Court SA 15

12.00 – 12.30

Office Workout (NL and EN)

Is spending long hours at your desk affecting your vitality? Then it’s time to give your working day a boost with this Office Workout! Join a dynamic session designed to pep up your body and raise your productivity to new heights.



Slaap je mentaal vitaal (‘sleep for mental vitality’) (NL)

A good night’s sleep has many benefits for your mental fitness. Stress and sleep are natural enemies: worrying is not good for your sleep. In this workshop you will learn how to transform unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts.


The Hague Wijnhaven 2.12

16.00 – 17.00

Spinning (NL and EN)

Spinning is a way to cycle yourself into tip-top condition, with energising music to inspire you! Starting gently, you will then pick up speed until the final sprint. As well as working on the strength in your legs, you will also be building up the stamina required to tackle a long sprint.



Einsteinweg 6

Fri 27 Oct

8.00 – 8.30

Pilates (NL and EN)

In Pilates you will do low-impact exercises at slow speed. This mainly involves using your core: your abdominal muscles. You will not only become stronger but will also develop a better posture and more stamina.




Office Workout (NL and EN)

Is spending long hours at your desk affecting your vitality? Then it’s time to give your working day a boost with this Office Workout! Join a dynamic session designed to pep up your body and raise your productivity to new heights.



Borden vol energie (‘nutrition for energy’) (NL)

How do you stay alert and energetic the whole day? What causes an afternoon dip? How does sugar affect your energy? Should we eat bread at lunchtime? Is coffee a good choice? This workshop offers an explanation and useful tips about how your diet affects you, both mentally and physically.



16.00 – 17.00

Football (NL and EN)

Football strengthens not only the body but also the mind: you will be working on relaxation through exertion and team spirit. And at the same time you can try out the new ‘FIFA 2 quality’ pitch at the USC! Sign up with your colleagues. No problem if you don’t have all 11 players: the teams will be assembled on-the-spot for this afternoon.


Goliuspad 6


If you have any questions or comments about the programme, please send an email to healthyuniversity@bb.leidenuniv.nl


Vitality Autumn with lots of Vitamin Resilience

We’re renaming this season Vitality Autumn and offering a boost with lots of Vitamin Resilience. Playing sports and relaxing are excellent ways to work on your own resilience, so we’re organising a wide variety of activities during three special weeks: National Vitality Week from 25 - 29 September, Healthy University Week from 23 - 27 October and the Week of Work Stress from 13 - 17 November.

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