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Debate | Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion | A Hundred Years of Republican Turkey: A History in a Hundred Fragments

Friday 27 October 2023
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Spui 25
Spui 25-27
1012 WX Amsterdam
Photo by Hans Theunissen

On October 29, 2023, the Republic of Turkey commemorates its centenary. This is the occasion for the publication of A Hundred Years of Republican Turkey: A History in a Hundred Fragments, edited by Alp Yenen and Erik-Jan Zürcher of Leiden University's worldwide renowned Turkish Studies programme. This book is an innovative exploration of Turkey’s past century marked by political changes, cultural shifts, and societal transformations. The mosaic-like structure of the book affords an insight into a hundred key moments in this fascinating trajectory of the people of Turkey.. Tailored for both academics and general readers, this book curates one hundred fragments from historical sources, each introduced and analysed by one of over 70 experts, providing a snapshot of the state of research in Turkish Studies. At a time when Turkey faces radical political, social, and economic transformations, this book critically re-examines Turkey's history. While deconstructing received narratives, A Hundred Years of Republican Turkey offers fresh and nuanced interpretations, acknowledging the successes and the struggles that shaped Turkey’s politics, society, and culture until today.

Alp Yenen and Erik-Jan Zürcher will introduce the volume and exchanges view on the content with Enno Maessen and Zeynep Kaşlı, after which the floor will be open for a discussion with the audience. Beste Isleyen will moderate the session.

Drinks will be served afterwards.

About the speakers

Alp Yenen is a university lecturer for modern history and culture of Turkey at the Institute for Area Studies at Leiden University. He works primarily on the political history of modern Turkey and the Middle East in the twentieth century. He studies transnational and transgressive politics during transitional periods, such as the end of the Ottoman Empire and the end of the Cold War.

Erik-Jan Zürcher is emeritus professor of Turkish Studies at Leiden University. He is primarily interested in the period of transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey and in the role of the Young Turk generation/movement in this process. He studies the emergence of modern Turkey by linking the processes of forced migration, war, imperial legacies, and nation building.

Enno Maessen is Assistant Professor in Political History at Utrecht University. His research interests cover the fields of urban history, modern Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean region, social movements and the politics of representation in the second half of the twentieth century. He has published in Patterns of Prejudice, Middle Eastern Studies, the Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association, the International Journal for History Culture and Modernity and Stadsgeschiedenis. His recent book Representing Modern Istanbul (2022) was published with I.B. Tauris. Prior to working at Utrecht University, Enno Maessen was a lecturer in the Department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, where he defended his PhD thesis - Building Beyoglu: Histories of Place in a Central District in Istanbul in 2019. Apart from his academic writing he publishes in various news outlets.

Beste İşleyen is Associate Professor in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. Her research addresses conceptual and empirical questions of border security, territoriality, technology, and practices. It combines insights from Critical Security Studies, Political Geography and Postcolonial Theory. Her current work is concerned with Eurocentric accounts with respect to the emergence of modern forms of population and territorial control.

Zeynep Kaşlı is an Assistant Professor in Migration and Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), part of Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is an interdisciplinary scholar specialized in state-society relations with a regional focus on Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. Her work appeared in journals such as Political Geography, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Alternatives: Global, Local, Political.

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