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The study of ancient cities provides us with new urban ideas

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Leiden is the city of archeology par excellence. The very first Professor in Archaeology, Caspar Reuvens, was from Leiden! And now, 200 years later, Leiden is home to both the internationally leading Faculty of Archeology and the renowned National Museum of Antiquities.

Following the success of the 2022 Leidse Stellingen lecture series, the two heritage centers are joining forces again. Twice a month there is an online lecture by one of our renowned researchers. What drives them in their work? With provocative statements and engaging stories, they invite you into the world of the archaeologist.

Lezing 24 oktober: Dr. Tuna Kalayci (Engelstalig)

Statement: The study of ancient cities provides us with new urban ideas

Kerkenes is a massive Iron Age settlement. With 270 hectares, it is the largest pre-Hellenistic city in Anatolia. Since its onset, the Kerkenes Project has deployed complementary geospatial technologies for the documentation and analysis of the layout of the city. Thanks to the continuous appropriation of the digital paradigm, archaeologists at Kerkenes can now ask some critical questions: Where were the potential neighbourhoods? How did people possibly move in the city? Where were the major streets?

Due to its unique historical setting and preservation conditions, Kerkenes is an exceptional archaeological case study since it enables scholars to explore persistent connections between modern and past urban environments. These experiments are especially important as we hope to build more sustainable and walkable cities in the future; archaeology has the means and tools to offer alternative urban ideas.

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